• 28 June 2019
  • Eindhoven

Use truck airco in the summer

Are you about to take a trip to a warm area? Or perhaps summer is just around the corner? In both of these cases, it is vital to have fully operational airco. You can do a number of things to ensure that your airco works properly when you need it. Read the rest of this article to find out how you can keep your airco in perfect condition.

Use truck airco summer

Carry out airco maintenance before summer arrives

In the run up to summer, faulty airco is one of the most common issues reported to the International Truck Service. The problems are often caused by the sudden intensive use of the system, coupled with inadequate maintenance. It is therefore a good idea to have your airco checked by a DAF dealer before the warm summer months begin.

What you can do yourself

In addition to having your truck checked by a DAF dealer, there are also a number of other things that you can do as the driver to help keep your airco in perfect working order. Are you planning a trip to a warm destination? If so, take the following steps to make sure that your truck is ready for the heat:

  • Check that the coolant reservoir has enough coolant, and make sure that there are no leaks

  • Replace the filters annually (or have this done by your DAF dealer)

  • Clean the battery evaporator, ideally at least once per year


Use truck airco in the summer

The best way to keep the cabin cool without overloading the airco is to select the recirculation setting. The intake air is cooled with this setting, which means that cold air is blown into the cabin. Tip: Put the blower on the highest setting to start with. Once you notice that the cabin has become a little cooler you can select a lower setting, in order to limit intensive use of the airco.

The benefits of a stand-alone air conditioner

If you will be dealing with extreme or prolonged heat, it is worth considering buying a stand-alone air conditioner — also known as a parking cooler. The main benefit is that a parking cooler operates separately from the engine system. This means that you can regulate the temperature yourself — not only at night but also when you are loading and unloading, for instance. A parking cooler also helps drivers to get a better night's sleep and feel more comfortable in general. These points are also beneficial for road safety.


Do you have questions about getting your airco serviced? Or perhaps you are interested in a parking cooler? Your DAF dealer will be happy to help you find the best solution for your truck.