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PACCAR Connect Data Integration Services provide access to a single source of data, hugely simplifying integration with your existing Fleet Management Systems (FMS) or Transport Management Systems. Based on trusted partnerships between service providers and PACCAR Connect, it allows easy integration of your truck data into their solutions.


Let your partner lead your integration

Take full advantage of the integration of your fleet data while your Data Integration Partner manages all the processes and retrieves the data they need.

You still have the control to approve, reject and cancel the data sharing request at any time with the click of a button.


Integrate your systems with original data

PACCAR Connect offers the original data from all DAF trucks, providing trustworthy and reliable insights into your operation in real time.


All the support you need

Integration with our portal is simple. So your data integration partner can easily access the needed information. In case you or your Data Integration Partner need any help, the Connect Portal offers an extensive knowledge base with How-to videos, FAQs and more. 


Connect with a partner! It's as simple as 1, 2, 3


1. Share your details

Share your VINs and customer ID with your current or new Data Integration Partner. 


2. Approve the request

Approve the Data Sharing Request you receive from PACCAR Connect. 


3. Start using your service

Let your Data Integrator take care of the rest.


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Data Integration Packages

See the insights that we can share with your service provider/data integrator

Data element Explanation Location & Mileage Package
VIN Vehicle identification number(17 characters)
Customer Vehicle Name The name of the vehicle given by the customer
Trigger Type Identification of the type of trigger that triggered the event
Received Date-Time Date that the data was received at the Original Equipment Manufacturer backend systems
Created Date-Time Date when the data was generated in the vehicle
Request Server Date-Time Date that the data was requested
Latitude Latitude
Longitude Longitude
Heading Direction of vehicle
Altitude Altitude
Speed The GPS speed in km/h
Position Date-Time The time of the position data
Wheel Based Speed The vehicle wheelbased speed
Tachograph Speed The Tacho speed
Total Vehicle Distance Accumulated distance travelled by the vehicle during its operation in meters