Several cities have announced that in the coming years they will only allow emissions-free vehicles into their city centres in order to improve local air quality. This means that the fully electric truck has a bright future. As a transport operator, you will need to invest in such vehicles to be able to operate in these city centers.


Leading the way 

DAF is leading the way in BEVs or Battery Electric Vehicles. After all, DAF was one of the first truck manufacturers to use fully electric trucks in a field test with customers to gain practical experience. The CF Electric is now available for sale in several countries.

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The DAF CF Electric operates fully electrically thanks to VDL’s E-Power Technology. At the heart of the drive line is a 210-kilowatt electric motor that draws its energy from a lithium-ion battery pack with a total capacity of 350 kWh (315 kWh effective). The latest generation of the CF Electric has an increased range of approximately 200 kilometres, depending on the application. Your DAF dealer will be happy to provide a bespoke calculation based on your usage and will help you determine the optimal way in which to use your trucks.


Proven technology

It's important to remember that the technology behind electric powertrains has been thoroughly tested. DAF has been supplying fully electric trucks for several years now, acquiring many hundreds of thousands of kilometres of practical experience. The excellent quality and reliability for which DAF is famous, are also features of our electric vehicles.

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Charging at a home depot

For distribution in inner city areas, electric trucks are the ideal solution. At night, these trucks return to their home base, where their batteries can be fully recharged. Modern batteries support a geographical range that's usually more than sufficient for a day of standard use. Electric trucks are also ideal for shuttle transport – moving goods continuously between fixed locations. Batteries can be charged while the trailer or body is loaded and unloaded, adding to your transport efficiency.


Reduced CO2 footprint

When using green energy, electric trucks can also reduce your transport operations' CO2 footprint, as well as help you achieve your sustainability goals. In addition, electric powertrains are very quiet, which is ideal for evening or night-time deliveries.



“Planning and driving with electric trucks requires a different mindset. You have to ensure that the job fits the truck and not the other way around. For optimal use of the truck it is important that you can recharge the batteries while loading and unloading. The electric truck can be an excellent alternative for urban distribution.”


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