Looking for  a used truck?


If you don't want to buy a new truck but do want to hit the road with a reliable truck without compromising on quality, then purchasing a used DAF truck is a good solution. This way, not only are you assured of a quality truck, you also get to benefit from the same services as you would with a new model.  


First Choice

DAF Used Trucks offers a 'First Choice' selection. This is a mark of quality that DAF upholds, whereby the truck you receive satisfies a number of criteria, namely ten assurances:

  • The truck is less than five years old
  • There are fewer than 500,000 kilometres on the clock
  • The truck is in 'as new' condition
  • There is a documented maintenance history
  • There is a full test report
  • The truck has passed on all 200 points on the DAF check-list
  • Any maintenance and repairs are performed before the handover
  • The truck is ready for immediate use
  • There is the possibility of concluding a maintenance or finance contract
  • You get 1 year's Euro 6 warranty


DAF Used Trucks teaser


Where can I purchase a used DAF truck?


Throughout Europe DAF has a number of dedicated Used Trucks Centres. These centres have a continous supply of a wide selection of used vehicles. All of these have a traceable service history. The specialists at the DAF Used Trucks Centers are fully trained to give you the best possible advice when selecting a used truck for your specific application. Most of our used vehicles are 3-5 years old and have been operating under West European road and climate conditions.



Can I tailor a used truck to my requirements?

Do you want a DAF used truck in your corporate colours? Or are there certain parts of the truck that you would like tailored to your requirements? There is a lot of scope here too. Get in touch with your DAF dealer for more information on the possibilities.


More than just a high-quality used truck

A high-quality used DAF truck can offer you all you need and more. Every DAF truck is backed up by an international dealer and service organisation, assuring you of professional support and service, financing, speedy delivery of spare parts and adequate recovery services.