• Tuesday, September 7, 2021
  • Eindhoven

Get the best results with the DAF Diesel Particulate Filter Service

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) that functions correctly is a prerequisite for meeting Euro 6 emission standards in Europe. Replacing it in a timely manner prevents vehicle downtime, stops increased fuel consumption and prevents serious damage being caused to the truck and the environment. Introducing the DAF Diesel Particulate Filter Service.


Depending on the type of MY 2017 truck and how your vehicle is used, the DPF replacement period is between 180,000 and 540,000 kilometres. Failure to replace the particulate filter in good time will result in increased fuel consumption and accelerated ageing of the emission aftertreatment system (EAS). As a result, particulate emissions exceed legal standards and the cost per kilometre rises.

We have created a special programme for all DAF trucks to allow the DPF to be replaced efficiently, because properly cleaning the diesel particulate filter takes more than simply blowing it out. It's true that other providers of similar services will provide what is visually a clean particulate filter, but there are enormous differences if you look more closely. According to research we conducted in a number of European countries, "cleaned" particulate filters were still as much as 93% contaminated. By contrast, the DAF Diesel Particulate Filter Service delivers a DPF with the same quality and service interval as the original diesel particulate filter. Another important difference is that we can provide the replacement DPF ready to be installed, which reduces the time you have to spend in the workshop. For more information click here.

Why choose the DAF Diesel Particulate Filter Service:

• DPF in the same quality as the original diesel particulate filter
• Prevents faster ageing of the EAS system
• The best choice for MY 2017 trucks as well
• DPF is guaranteed to meet the Euro 6 European emission standards