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  • Tuesday, January 4, 2022
  • Eindhoven

Prevent SAC pressure sensor failures this winter

Last winter, some customers reported SAC (Smart Air supply Control) pressure sensor failures resulting in a red warning displayed on the vehicle dashboard. With another winter coming, colder temperatures can cause related pressure sensor issues. So, here are some instructions for drivers to prevent pressure sensor failures in Euro 6 and MY17 vehicles.


Instructions for drivers

  • Drain the truck's air tanks frequently and check for water on a weekly basis.
    If water flows from the air tanks, check the vehicle for air leakages and visit the workshop for replacement of the SAC cartridge.
  • Be aware of the following notifications:


  • If these warnings appear:
    o Drain the air tanks.
    o Check the entire chassis, trailer and any other air-consuming equipment for leakages.
    o If more than just water droplets flow from the air tanks visit the workshop for replacement of the SAC cartridge.

All our dealers have received similar instructions for their workshops. These guidelines are the same for all Euro 6 and MY17 vehicles.