• Thursday, August 29, 2019
  • Eindhoven

Top-quality solutions for securing your cargo

Ratchet straps are indispensable on many trucks. Choosing a TRP Ratchet Strap means choosing security, guaranteed quality and honest information on the label. Other brands do not guarantee this level of quality and honesty.


Ratchet straps secure loads to stop them ending up on the road if the truck makes unexpected manoeuvres, and to ensure that they arrive at their destination intact. You have to be careful when buying ratchet straps, as cheating is often involved, according to Filip Vercauteren at Tiscotex, a manufacturer of ratchet straps.

TRP ratchet straps guarantee quality and safety

Tiscotex supplies high-quality TRP Ratchet Straps that undergo extensive testing and inspection. Vercauteren says: "TÜV is the only organisation that carries out these strict checks. We are regularly inspected by TÜV in accordance with a strict European standard."”

According to Vercauteren, fraud is involved in inspections in some European countries: "Not everyone who uses the TÜV name on the label actually has a TÜV certificate.”" Things can sometimes go wrong with the tensile break strength of ratchet straps. The higher the tensile break strength, the more expensive the ratchet strap. Each one must be labelled with its tensile break strength. Vercauteren says: "If you buy a TRP Ratchet Strap, you are buying safety and you get the quality that is specified on the label."”

Test ratchet strap snaps with a loud bang

A ratchet strap must not break until it is put under three times the force that is stated on the label. An LC25 ratchet strap can withstand a weight of 2,500 kg but must not break until 7,500 kg is applied. Tiscotex places a top-selling strap of dubious quality with an LC25 label on the test bench. The strap is supposed to have a tensile break strength of 7,500 kg but as soon as the test machine goes past 6,000 kg, the strap explodes with a loud bang. Anyone buying this strap is therefore getting less value for their money and is being misled.

TRP ratchet straps have the best ERGO ratchet on the market. The ratchet is ergonomic, moves towards you and also has a longer handle than a standard ratchet, delivering more power, safety and comfort. TRP Ratchet Straps can be personalised with your company name or logo.

Do you have questions about TRP Ratchet Straps?

If you would like to know more about TRP Ratchet Straps or the rules on securing loads, please feel free to contact your DAF dealer.