• 30 January 2019
  • Eindhoven


Heavy goods vehicles and engines are becoming increasingly sophisticated and environmentally friendly. Sophisticated technologies and stringent legislatory requirements require a precise manner of working. In order to keep the engine in top condition and avoid problems as far as possible, it is important that the fuel is as clean as it can be. This is why we have developed the Euro 6 fuel filter. Read all about the fuel filter in this article.

All about the Euro 6 fuel filter

The Euro 6 fuel filter is different

The Euro 6 fuel filter is more than just a fuel filter. In contrast to the older models, the Euro 6 fuel filter has a built-in water separator. Whereas this was previously two separate parts, it is now a single component in the Euro 6. This means that there is only one maintenance task to perform. The fuel filter is also designed to accommodate the ever-longer maintenance intervals — practical as well! 

Why buy an original fuel filter?

DAF trucks are assembled with precision to ensure optimal performance. Genuine DAF parts are specially designed for the truck. The Euro 6 fuel filter is tailor-made for the Euro 6 engine and filters out particles very thoroughly. As a result, older types of fuel filter are not suitable for use in the new generation of trucks.

Be careful with non-original parts; you cannot be sure that a third-party fuel filter will offer the desired degree of filtration and there is a greater risk of damage. This may ultimately lead to a breakdown, unplanned repairs and high costs, which of course you would prefer to avoid.

Maintaining the Euro 6 fuel filter

Your DAF dealer will check and replace the Euro 6 fuel filter during regular maintenance. It is incredibly important that no dirty particles enter the high-pressure injection system while exchanging the filters; this is why we use a specially developed procedure to replace the filters.

The technicians at your DAF dealer have undergone both theoretical and practical training and know exactly what they need to pay attention to. If a technician is not familiar with this procedure, dirt may ingress into the high-pressure injection system, which can lead to high repair costs. Avoid unnecessary breakdowns and problems and always take your truck to your DAF dealer for regular maintenance and to have the Euro 6 fuel filter replaced.

Contact your DAF dealer

If you have any questions about the Euro 6 fuel filter or would like to have it replaced professionally, contact your local DAF dealer. They will be happy to help you!