• Monday, May 13, 2019
  • Eindhoven

Prepare your truck for summer

Temperatures begin to rise and the days grow longer. Summer is coming and drivers must prepare their trucks accordingly.

Europe is a very changeable continent and taking the temperature into account is vital in maintaining the reliability of your DAF truck. Don't just take our word for it — we have talked with various drivers and truck owners who know all about transportation in warmer climates. 

It's not unusual for temperatures to soar in summer, which may cause truck complications if not checked beforehand. Driver Pedro Brarber noted: "I prefer it to be cool rather than hot while I'm driving. It's very tiring when it's hot and this can be dangerous". Checking and charging or repairing the air conditioning are therefore key aspects in ensuring that the temperature inside the truck remains comfortable.

A TRP parking cooler can be mounted in addition to the truck's air conditioning. This device allows the cabin to maintain a comfortable temperature during rest periods, without needing to keep the engine idling and consuming fuel, as it is battery powered. "The independent parking cooler turns off automatically if it detects that the battery is low. Therefore it is important to check the batteries on beforehand. In addition it is important clean the radiator, check the belts and the fan… It all depends on the age of the truck", said Francisco Reolid, a professional truck driver whose company Paco Reolid Transportes, has a DAF fleet.

All drivers agree. High temperatures not only affect the driver's energy but also the truck's performance and some of the key driving elements such as the tyres. "You always need to check the pressure which can usually be left lower in the summer as the heat will generate more pressure", explains Francisco Herrero.

This is why we offer services and parts focused on tackling this temperature increase, such as a parking cooler, airco checks and service, service checks on engine cooling system like hoses, radiator, belts and fans.