• Tuesday, March 5, 2019
  • Eindhoven

Better vision for less risk

Imagine a camera system that covers the entire area around the truck, including the blind spots. It’s an extra pair of eyes for the best view and can prevent accidents.

Better vision for less risk

Front view, rear view, side view – object detection, radar eye, surround view: there is a wealth of opportunities to improve the view around your truck and trailer. More precisely: with traffic flows ever increasing, the necessity to drive safely and on time becomes even bigger. A high-quality camera system helps the efficiency enormously and reduces the risk of collision.

  • The front view camera has a larger view than a simple front mirror. Its monitor easily fits into the dashboard.
  • The rear view camera comes with ADR-approved cable sets in several lengths, for rigid, trailer or close-coupled trailer combinations.
  • CornerEye with its wide-angle lens offers a 270° field of vision, including front view and pavement. It’s truly revolutionary, stays sharply focused in the dark and during bad weather and meets all regulations.
  • Side Object Detection SRD complements the CornerEye camera by providing active signaling. Furthermore, it can be extended with multiple sensor and camera units for overall detection and visibility.
  • RadarEye compliments the camera-monitor systems with an active signaling system. It is integrated, active, and detects stationary as well as moving objects. RadarEye can be extended with multiple sensor and camera units.
  • Surround view provides 360° visibility around the vehicle, whatever its length, width and height. It facilitates smooth manoeuvering at loading docks and the people and objects captured on camera are shown in real size. Surround view can be designed and programmed to meet your specific needs.


Your DAF dealer is keen to advise you on the best possible combination of solutions. They install the system of your choice quickly and effectively. Minimizing risks and improving safety together make this investment in visibility around your truck very worthwhile. 

Contact your DAF dealer or take a look on the TRP eCatalogue