Ludwig Speditions keep all 53 vehicles available at all times


"I was very careful to choose the premium DAF MultiSupport Full Care contract. All of my vehicles that are less than five years old are covered by that type of maintenance and repair contract. It is expensive, but it pays off. This way I always keep on the safe side, and do not get any nasty surprises. The monthly flat rate means I can work out the exact running costs for each truck in advance, and in so doing avoid any financial risks. I can guarantee my customers will get their delivery on time, because trucks that are well maintained will always reach their destination."

Hans Ludwig

The haulier Ludwig Speditions- und Handelsgesellschaft GmbH celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014 and is involved in the transportation and storage of mainly hardware (imports), electrical appliances and also caps for the beverage industry. A total of 53 heavy goods lorries operated by Ludwig travel the roads of Germany. Almost all of the 40 DAF XF models in the fleet are covered by premium maintenance and repair contracts.

Hans Ludwig, Managing Director of Ludwig Speditions- und Handelsgesellschaft mbH


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