• Monday, November 26, 2018
  • Eindhoven

Not all parking lots are safe

You, your truck and your truckload should be safe. Cargo theft or even violence should be avoided anytime, anywhere. 

Not all parking lots are safe

When it comes to the safety of your truck, your workload and yourself, there’s a lot you can do. Your DAF dealer can help you with clever solutions.

Choosing a safe spot is a first step. Adding safety devices is definitely a good idea. For instance: the TRP Anti-Siphon Device, which avoids fuel theft. It can be extended with a TRP Anti-Spill Valve.

With a night lock you can close your cab from the inside, making it a safe haven during the night. Proper working locks and a camera that keeps an eye of what is happening around your truck are other examples of sensible safety precautions.

Play it safe and visit your DAF Dealer for some expert advice. Call and find out what's in store for you or check parts.daf.com.