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Driveline excellence

Distribution transport is all about offering tailor-made solutions. That is why DAF offers the LF with a unique range of engines, transmissions and rear axle ratios to ensure you get the best truck for your job. Whichever choice you make, highest reliability and fuel efficiency, excellent performance, low emissions and unequalled driver comfort are standard on every DAF LF.

Powerful engines

The DAF offers a wide range of engines. These include the powerful four-cylinder 4.5-litre PACCAR PX-5 and the six-cylinder 6.7-litre PACCAR PX-7. Thanks to new software and optimised heat and air management, maximum torque has been increased and kicks in at lower speed in both engines.

Fuel savings of up to 3%

The engines’ power and torque have also been optimised to ensure they kick in at lower speeds. In addition, the Engine Aftertreatment System (EAS) and AdBlue container have been redesigned so they can be located closer to the engine for increased fuel benefits. Together, these EAS and engine innovations result in fuel savings of up to 3%.

Economic and quiet

PACCAR PX engines comply with the latest emission requirements. What’s more, their compact design, with various components integrated into the engine block and the cylinder head, means the engines are remarkably quiet which adds to driver comfort.


High-efficiency gearboxes

For maximum efficiency, the LF is supplied with a wide selection of manual and automatic gearboxes. Manual gearboxes are available with 6 or 9 speeds, while automatic gearboxes include 5 or 6-speed Allison transmissions and an 8-speed ZF PowerLine transmission. 

New air intake

The new driveline is equipped with a mid-level air intake behind the cab. This ensures only the cleanest air is used by the engine.



The DAF LF in more detail



The perfect base to build on. With its modern, strong and light chassis, the DAF LF does not compromise on robustness and flexibility.

DAF LF exterior

Exterior design

The DAF LF’s superb exterior design gives it a strong and friendly look, making the truck a great advertisement for your business.


The perfect working environment

The moment the driver steps into the cab, he or she enjoys the highest standard of comfort, user friendliness and safety of the DAF LF.