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TRP Hemel Awarded Global TRP Store of The Year

PACCAR Parts recognizes TRP Hemel in Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom as the 2021 Global TRP Store of the Year. TRP is PACCAR Parts’ exclusive worldwide brand of aftermarket replacement parts for all makes of trucks, trailers and buses. The TRP retail network includes 248 stores in 39 countries around the world.

TRP store of the year
John Street (TRP Business development manager of HTC Group – left) and Jane Barrett (Depot manager of HTC Hemel – mid) receive the Global TRP Store of The Year from Trevor Mitchell (UK Sales and Marketing Director – right).

“The commitment from TRP Hemel in growing the TRP brand and business is exemplified through its excellent customer service and offering of high-quality TRP products,” said Dick Leek, PACCAR Parts general manager Europe. 

Maximize uptime 

TRP Hemel is located north of London in a busy transportation hub. The store was awarded for its exceptional training and development of sales and service staff and for ensuring the right parts are in stock at the right time. The store also utilizes PACCAR Parts eCommerce tools and dealer management systems to provide industry-leading retail availability for customers and deliver outstanding customer service. TRP Hemel operates 10 service bays to maximize uptime for all makes of trucks, trailers, buses and light-duty vehicles. 

Tremendous honor 

“This award is a tremendous honor for TRP Hemel and a wonderful recognition of our hardworking and dedicated staff,” said Peter Gibbons, HTC Group director of aftersales. “We take pride in delivering outstanding quality and value to all of our customers.”  

Best in line products 

The HTC Group opened TRP Hemel in April 2013 as the UK’s first TRP store. The store utilizes the full TRP product offering and works closely with DAF in the UK to develop the best line of products on the market.  

Commitment to customer 

“PACCAR Parts values its relationship with the HTC Group and appreciates TRP Hemel’s commitment to customer uptime,” said Laura Bloch, PACCAR Parts general manager and PACCAR vice president. “TRP stores are uniquely positioned around the world to provide value-added services to customers such as excellent parts availability with a broad product offering, eCommerce, delivery services and customer loyalty programs.”  



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