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DAF names 2021 International Dealers of the Year

The British dealer group Lawrence Vehicles Ltd. has been awarded 'DAF International Dealer of the Year 2021' at the online DAF International Dealer Meeting. Lawrence Vehicles sets the benchmark in customer service and is a leading player in the UK market for trucks, parts and financial services. Zarpellon from Italy was named ‘PACCAR Parts Europe International Dealer of the Year’. Chassis Cab from the UK received the award for ‘PACCAR Financial Europe International Dealer of the Year’. Polish dealer DBK won in the category ‘Used Truck Dealer of the Year’.

For being the benchmark in customer service, among others, British dealer group Lawrence Vehicles Ltd. has been awarded 'DAF International Dealer of the Year 2021. Managing Director Paul Entwistle is incredibly proud.

“Only a dealer that performs exceptionally well and is a true expert in all aspects of the business deserves the title 'DAF International Dealer of the Year',” stated DAF Trucks president Harry Wolters at the online prize-giving ceremony. “Such a dealer sets the benchmark in every single aspect of customer satisfaction and service, as well as in business management. They truly excel in the selling and servicing of new and used trucks. In addition, the DAF International Dealer of the Year actively supports its customers with the excellent services offered by PACCAR Parts and PACCAR Financial.”

‘DAF International Dealer of the Year 2021’

“The UK’s Lawrence Vehicles dealer group maintains a sharp focus on improving customer experience and is always searching for opportunities to expand its Activities, for example by providing pro-active customer support through DAF Connect and by constantly investing in training for its technicians,” Harry Wolters said. “In addition, they continuously invest in the DAF brand and recently opened an impressive new Pre-Delivery Inspection Centre to boost the customer experience even more. Lawrence Vehicles is a shining example to other dealers; it offers its customers a professional and skilled team that is not only passionate but also committed to achieving continuous improvement year after year. The proof can be found in the high level of customer satisfaction. My congratulations to the entire team!”

‘PACCAR Parts International Dealer of the Year 2021’

Zarpellon from Italy – winner of the Growth Award last year – shows that hard work pays off. Both its truck and parts sales increased significantly over the last 12 months. In addition, Zarpellon invested in future parts sales by opening its new state-of-the-art parts warehousing facilities. The team at Zarpellon is extremely successful in what they do: offering excellence to their customers,” according to Dick Leek, General Manager of PACCAR Parts Europe.
“They achieved a strong market share with a comprehensive focus on repair and maintenance contracts so that customers can focus fully on their core business. Furthermore, Zarpellon has remained open throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and their staff was and is actively contacting customers to be their partner in business.”

'PACCAR Financial Europe International Dealer of the Year 2021'

Their excellent performance in supporting customers with the best possible financial services and tailor-made repair and maintenance contracts earned the British DAF dealer Chassis Cab the well-deserved title of ‘PACCAR Financial International Dealer of the Year’, according to Gerrit-Jan Bas, Managing Director of PACCAR Financial Europe. “This dealer has not only significantly over-achieved on all targets last year, but above all they continued to believe that the customer is always king. Chassis Cab also knows exactly what it takes to be successful as a transport operator. They offer complete transport solutions that guarantee maximum return for the customer and those solutions include attractive finance offers.”

‘DAF Used Truck International Dealer of the Year 2021’

The DAF Used Truck International Dealer of the Year title was awarded to DAF dealer DBK from Poland. Gerrit-Jan Bas, Managing Director of PACCAR Financial Europe and also responsible for the DAF Used Truck programme: “DBK has a clear vision on what is required for a customer to be successful. This dealer knows that when the customer is successful and satisfied with the products and services, dealer success is a logical result. Selling a used truck requires dedication and focus. It is all about finding the best possible solution for the customer’s transport requirements. And DBK performs superbly in this field, guaranteeing the owner maximum return on his or her investment.”

In addition to the 'International Dealer of the Year Awards 2021', the following dealers received a 'Gold Award' for their excellent all-round dealer performance:

  • Ford & Slater, UK
  • ESA Trucks Polska, Poland
  • Nirvauto, Spain
  • Hungarotruck, Hungary
  • Centrako Group, Lithuania 



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