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DAF Connect App: enhancing fuel efficiency

Link to DAF Connect fleet management platform

In order to help drivers to enhance the fuel efficiency of their truck thereby lowering CO2 emissions, DAF Trucks is launching an app that can optimize driving behaviour via the driver’s mobile phone. The ‘DAF Connect App’ also offers planners, fleet owners and drivers the possibility to share information on their rides with each other and to store that information at a central location.

DAF Connect App
The new DAF Connect App coaches drivers on efficient fuel consumption and much more.

Most of the trucks that roll off the production line at DAF are equipped with the fleet management platform DAF Connect. This system offers fleet managers and planners real-time insights into the performance of their vehicles and logistical processes through an online portal. The integrated Eco SCORE Card also allows them to track the efficiency of driver behaviour.

DAF Connect App

With the new DAF Connect App, DAF is expanding its fleet management platform services even further. The app, which is available from Google Play and the Apple App Store, is linked directly to the Eco SCORE Card and it indicates the driver what they can do to drive more efficiently. Accelerating smoothly and allowing the truck to roll out earlier, for example. Or anticipating traffic flow even better. Use of the cruise control is made clear, as well as engine idling time. Everything can be viewed on a dashboard that provides the driver with instant tips on how to drive the truck more efficiently.

Saving fuel

Jorg Wijnands, Manager Marketing at DAF Connect: “A driver who knows how to drive as efficiently as possible can reduce annual costs by thousands of euros. We have also noticed that an increasing number of DAF customers are rewarding drivers whose Eco SCORE Card shows that they are driving more efficiently.”

Year-long analysis

“The DAF Connect App allows the drivers to analyse their performance not just for the past 24 hours but also for the previous week, month, quarter or even the entire year. Given that the app is linked to the driver’s card, he or she always has access to their own performance records, regardless of which DAF they drive and even if they work for several different employers.”

Communication with the driver

Another feature of the DAF Connect App is the option for planners and fleet owners to communicate with the driver through the DAF Connect platform about schedules, the route and other logistical issues. Their questions appear on the drivers’ mobile phones and can be answered with the press of a button. All of the communication between the driver and the home base is then stored at a central location. This allows a new group of planners, for example, to access all information after a shift change.

Applications that make a difference

Jorg Wijnands: “The DAF Connect App is a good example of DAF’s commitment to improving DAF Connect with applications that make a real difference for both the transporter and the driver.”  





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