• Monday, November 26, 2018
  • Eindhoven

Batteries keep your truck going

But batteries need to keep going too. You prefer a smooth starting truck and a comfortable drive – certainly during winter.

batteries keep your truck going

Winters are not every battery’s favorite time of the year. Cold affects its capacity and therefore some extra attention is essential. Here are some simple tips: 

  • Extra battery care starts with more warmth and less cold wind. So keep the batteries well-protected with some extra cover. It means less work for the battery and that is always good. 
  • Connections should be functioning properly. Check regularly and replace when necessary or in doubt.
  • Make sure that no unnecessary power is drawn from the batteries, not even a little. Some devices may take just little power while ‘asleep’ but before you realise it the number of devices adds up and your battery is half empty.
  • Keeping fully charged batteries is the best way forward, literally. Avoid too many start and stop routes. Test and replace batteries on time. Or let your DAF dealer take care. 
  • Keep your truck going – that’s what it is built for in the first place. But keep the batteries fully charged as well

Treasure your batteries: they are worth it!