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  • Thursday, August 26, 2021
  • Eindhoven

A cool cabin is a hot topic

TRP Parking Coolers for extra comfort and safety

Driving for miles in the summer sun is more pleasant in a cooled cabin. But a comfortable temperature inside the truck is also a necessity when your vehicle is stationary during loading and unloading, when you are taking a rest break or while sleeping in the truck overnight. A parking cooler is the solution.

A cool cabin is a hot topic

More alert, in better condition and safer

For long-distance transport, a well-rested driver is an important link in the transport chain. Parking coolers are becoming part of collective labour agreements in an increasing number of countries. This is for good reason — in addition to providing pleasant conditions inside the cabin, a parking cooler also helps drivers to be in better condition and more alert, which in turn also increases road safety.

Cool and comfortable, day or night

Our parking coolers make an important contribution to driver comfort and also to vehicle efficiency. Take the TRP SlimCool variant that is suitable for all truck brands, for example — this parking cooler has the highest cooling capacity in its class and receives its power supply directly from the battery for up to eight hours, which significantly reduces costs and prevents unnecessary exhaust emissions.


Decisive factor

Drivers consider the quality and equipment fitted in trucks when choosing a transport company to work for. For drivers who drive trucks over long distances, a parking cooler can even be the decisive factor. Upgrade your existing fleet with one of our airco products and your return will be more satisfied drivers.

The TRP Parking Cooler

  • Parking cooler with the highest cooling capacity in its class
  • Switch on and off via remote control or ceiling panel
  • The best choice for DAF MY 2017 and MY 2013 trucks
  • Mounting kits available for almost all truck models from most brands

DAF Genuine Parts, including for your airco

  • Easy to order from your DAF dealer using the chassis number
  • Replacement parts with the renowned DAF reliability and quality
  • Perfect fit and 100% Genuine DAF 




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