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DAF EcoDrive Training

For even greater efficiency and a cleaner environment


The DAF EcoDrive+ training supports the driver in handling the truck in the most efficient way and pays a lot of attention to the benefits of the latest on-board technologies. DAF EcoDrive+ training results in 3 to 5% better fuel efficiency in the long run.

You can do the math yourself: fuel bills for a 40 ton long haul truck combination easily exceed €60.000,- per year.
A 4% fuel efficiency gain means a saving of €2.400,-. Per year per truck.
That’s a bottom line business benefit you can’t ignore! 


At the start of the DAF EcoDrive+ training the driver is challenged to show his or her actual driving skills. During this session, time, fuel consumption and DAF Driver Performance Assistant scores are monitored. In the second stage, the driver receives all theoretical information on how to make optimum use of all the DAF systems that enable him or her to drive as economically as possible. The final part of the DAF Driver Training is a coached driving session, during which all theoretical information is put into practice and new scores will be monitored to show the improvement. 

The DAF EcoDrive+ training optimizes driver skills and enables the driver to make best use of all the latest DAF features, including:

  • EcoMode
  • EcoRoll
  • The enhanced MX Engine Brake
  • The DAF Driver Performance Assistent
  • Predictive Cruise Control
  • Predictive Shifting

DAF EcoDrive+ courses result in permanent fuel savings of 3 to 5 %. And as an added bonus reduce wear on tyres and brakes. Investing in DAF EcoDrive+ training quickly pays for itself. Just look at this simple example calculation:

  • Your truck covers 150,000 km per year
  • The fuel saving is 4%

This equates to:

  • 2,000 litres of pure profit per truck
  • a 4% reduction in CO2 emissions 

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