Future truck

Urban distribution 2050


What might urban distribution look like in 2050? Let’s fast forward. People are doing more and more of their shopping online, but not all of it is delivered directly to their homes.


Goods are transported by long-distance hauliers to distribution centres on the outskirts of town. From there ‘feeder trucks’ with diesel-hybrid drivelines drive to the edge of the city centre where the goods are transferred to a compact distribution truck that complies with the regulations for driving in town: fully electric, quiet and emission-free. Solar panels on the roof provide the truck with energy.

The distribution truck of the future operates 24/7 delivering goods in the city. Customers receive a message on their smartphone so that they can track the truck. It is like a small neighbourhood grocery store where locals get a chance to meet, and so fulfils an important social role.  

The distribution truck of the future is meant to kick-start a dialogue. How is urban distribution going to change and what role will trucks have to play?