DAF Efficiency Champions

The Efficiency Champions

New Generation DAF


Efficiency of the future

DAF has received a number of important awards in recognition of the industry-leading efficiency of its New Generation DAF trucks. An excellent reason for DAF to launch the new Efficiency Champions series, setting a new benchmark in transport efficiency.

Having already won accolades as International Truck of the Year in both 2022 and 2023, the New Generation DAF trucks are again winning recognition for their first-class efficiency. This impressive range with its exceptional aerodynamics has received multiple important industry awards for highly efficient performance.

Building on this outstanding position, DAF introduces a special edition achieving the highest possible fuel efficiency and lowest VECTO scores. Available in different cab variants, the Efficiency Champions are fitted with either PACCAR MX-11or MX-13 engines running new engine software. The new series especially appeal to operators looking for more favourable toll rates and the lowest possible TCO.


Award-winning series

The New Generation DAF trucks have collected one award after another for vehicle efficiency and embodies both the driver’s dream and the owner’s delight!


Green Truck Award 2023

After an extensive comparison test, the New Generation DAF XF 450 was named Green Truck 2023 by the leading German trade magazines VerkehrsRundschau and Trucker. It received the award for its outstanding efficiency, resulting in the industry’s lowest fuel consumption (21.26 l/100 km) and low CO2 emissions (675 g/ km). AdBlue consumption (1.32 l/100 km) and average speed (80.06 km/h) were also impressive. This is the most efficient long-haul tractor unit on the market.


European Truck Challenge 2023

In the European Truck Challenge (ETC) comparison test carried out by the renowned German trade magazine Truck & Trailer Welt, trucks are compared extensively in terms of costs, handling, performance and driver comfort. Once again, the XF 450 proved to have the lowest combined fuel and AdBlue consumption, resulting in the lowest operating costs. Moreover, it won the prestigious ‘ETC Drivers Choice Award’ for its superior comfort, better equipment and its more attractive design.


“The DAF XF 450 proved to be the most cost-efficient truck.”

Hans-Jürgen Wildhage
Test editor Truck & Trailer Welt, organisers of the European Truck Challenge


European Transport Award for Sustainability

In 2023, the New Generation DAF XF 450 also received the "European Transport Award for Sustainability 2024" (ETPN) from the German publication Transport. Factors that played a role were its elongated and highly aerodynamic cab – resulting in class-leading low fuel and AdBlue consumption – long service intervals (up to 200,000 km), ultra-low axle oil levels and low vehicle weight. The presence of Advanced Driver Assistant Systems like Predictive Cruise Control also contributed to the jury’s decision.


“Clearly the most convincing candidate for winning the award.”

Christine Harttmann
Editor-in-Chief of Transport and member of the ETPN jury

Fuel-efficiency features

The Efficiency Champions are fully equipped with fuel-efficiency features such as the DAF Digital Vision System (cameras instead of mirrors to reduce drag) and a full aerodynamics package. This includes spoilers, skirts, fenders and a special base plate to optimise airflow under the truck.

The efficiency-boosting package is completed by tyres with low rolling resistance, Predictive Cruise Control and the powerful PACCAR MX engine brake. Together with its extremely low weight and advanced onboard systems, such as Adaptive Cruise Control, the Efficiency Champions set a new standard in transport efficiency.


Lower CO2 emissions

Precise engine management and exceptional aerodynamics keep CO2 emissions extremely low in these special edition trucks. That gives them the industry’s lowest VECTO scores, resulting in reduced toll charges for vehicles with a conventional powertrain (as much as 1.6 cents per kilometre for German Maut rates). What’s more, the Efficiency Champions can be categorised as CO2 Class III for up to six years!