The best all-round truck on the road

The DAF CF is suited to regional, national or international transport, smooth roads or rough terrain. It’s all the same to the DAF CF series, available either as a tractor or rigid chassis in two, three or four axle configurations. Built to handle the demands of intensive use, this multifunctional truck is a top performer in every application – from bulk or tank transport to heavy-duty work in the construction industry and from garbage collection to general distribution.

  • Improved fuel efficiency, along with more power and torque at lower revs
  • Up to 100 kilogram higher payload
  • Service-intervals up to 200,000 km
  • First class body builder-friendliness
  • DAF Connect fleet management system for the highest transport efficiency

DAF Transport Efficiency drives Pure Excellence

The DAF CF delivers industry-leading fuel economy. Higher torque at lower revs combined with optimised drivelines, new high-efficiency rear axles, enhanced electronics and aerodynamic improvements result in increased fuel efficiency of up to 7% for long haul journeys. Fuel savings that help reduce your total cost of ownership.

fuel consumption


% lower fuel consumption

Additional payload


kg additional payload

Service check up


km service intervals

Fuel efficiency

Higher payloads

The DAF CF is lighter than before allowing higher payloads that contribute towards your profitability. A new, highly efficient yet ultra-compact Emission Aftertreatment System (EAS) saves 50 kg in weight. Redesigned engines and chassis optimisations also contribute to further weight savings. Depending on axle configuration, these improvements can lower vehicle weight by up to 250 kg. The DAF CF can take more load, invaluable in applications like distribution where every kilogramme counts.

Maximum uptime

The CF is already renowned for its high reliability. The new electrical and electronic architecture improves this performance even further. Wiring and connections have all been improved and simplified for the highest reliability and excellent flexibility when it comes to adding auxiliaries. The result is maximum vehicle availability and lower operating costs. Service intervals have also increased to no less than 200,000 kilometres!



The DAF CF in more detail


Exterior design

The DAF CF’s exterior includes leading-edge design features that put it in a class of its own when it comes
to visual appeal.

The benchmark for driver comfort

Because the DAF CF is the most versatile truck on the market, there are many options to customise the cab both to personal taste and transport needs.

Driveline excellence

Achieving up to 7% extra fuel efficiency and as a result up to 7% lower CO₂ emissions starts by having the right driveline for the job.

The perfect base to build on

The DAF CF offers unmatched flexibility when it comes to chassis configurations, whether it is equipped with a hooklift system, flatbed, box body or any other superstructure.

DAF 3D truck configurator

DAF Truck Configurator

Efficiency starts with the right choice of truck, tailored to your specific application. Configure your cab, colour, exterior, driveline, chassis and more with the 3D DAF Truck Configurator.

Start configurator

Our DAF dealers guide you 

Efficient transport involves more than just the perfect truck. Therefore, our DAF dealers offer a total transport solution through a range of professional services and help you to select the right vehicle, arrange financing and keep your fleet in perfect condition.

DAF Connect visual

Connected services

The DAF Connect fleet management platform gives you real-time insight into the performance of your drivers, vehicles and logistics processes. Available online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it helps you increase vehicle availability, reduce operational costs and optimise logistical efficiency.

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