Calibrating your truck tachograph every two years: why?

It is mandatory to have the tachograph calibrated every two years. This is often done as part of the MOT. You can find out exactly why this is done, here.


Why do you have to have your tachograph calibrated every two years?

The tachograph records driving and rest times, the route driven and speed on a so-called tachograph card. This card also passes on the vehicle data to other vehicle systems. To guarantee its accuracy, it is essential to have the tachograph calibrated every two years.

Waarom de tachograaf ijken
Waarom de tachograaf ijken

Having the tachograph calibrated is mandatory

In principle, all vehicles or vehicle combinations with a weight greater than 3,500 kg require a tachograph. In the Netherlands, this is laid down in the legislation on driving time with which every driver must comply.


Where and when should you have the tachograph calibrated?

As stated above, you are required to have the tachograph calibrated every two years. This may only be carried out by an approved party such as a DAF dealer. If you have the truck serviced by the dealer, calibrating the tachograph will be done as part of the MOT.


Other times when the truck tachograph requires calibration

If the voltage of a digital tachograph is temporarily interrupted, you must also have it calibrated. If you don't, you run the risk of receiving large fines, particularly abroad. Signs of interrupted voltage can indicate fraud or attempted fraud. Bear this in mind when the battery is replaced.

Waarom de tachograaf ijken

Questions about the tachograph?

It is extremely important to calibrate the tachograph in good time to avoid any problems on the road. If you have any questions about calibrating the tachograph, contact your DAF dealer for more information or advice.

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