Tips and tricks for

DAF Drivers

View information, step-by-step plans and instructional videos on repairs to your truck, here.


View information, step-by-step plans and instructional videos for your truck.



Looking for more practical information
about your DAF truck?

Costs & pricing

What does it cost to drive a truck? And what it the difference in price between a new truck and a nearly new used one? Is there a finance option? You'll find the answer to all these questions here.

Maintenance and inspection

How can I avoid issues en route? And what do those software updates actually do? Discover practical tips and information on maintenance and inspection for DAF trucks, here.

Repairs and instructions

Which repairs can you carry out yourself? And when should you enlist the help of your DAF dealer? Consult step-by-step plans, instructional videos and read useful tips on the most common repairs, here.

Driving a truck

Looking for practical information about driving your DAF truck. These pages include useful tips & tricks for the DAF driver.