DAF MultiSupport

More than just Repair & Maintenance


Repair and maintenance services customised to your business


DAF MultiSupport provides a range of repair and maintenance service packages to increase uptime, control your costs and reduce risks. You decide yourself the level of service, with the possibility to extend to trailer equipment and/or construction. So you are always assured of a perfectly maintained fleet and maximum vehicle availability.
And just as important, you can concentrate on your core business.






Dealer locations



Million daily kilometers


Flexible packages at a fixed price

DAF MultiSupport helps you to get even more out of your fleet. Our packages offer a tailor made service solution for any vehicle application for up to 10 years.

Care⁺ Xtra care Flex care Full care
Driveline Repairs
Non Driveline Repairs
Wear Repairs
Breakdown Support
Uptime plus
Legal Inspections
Connected Services
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Benefits of DAF MultiSupport at a glance

  • Complete financial control
  • Increased residual value
  • Worry-free ownership
  • Save time, effort and money
  • Maximum vehicle uptime and optimal vehicle performance
  • Highly trained DAF technicians in every dealership provide expert advice, service and support
  • Peace of mind enables you to focus on your core business
  • Your vehicle always in top condition
  • We improve your Total Cost of Ownership!

Maximum vehicle availability

We help you optimise your business by focusing on reliability, cost-effectiveness and transport efficiency. To give you maximum certainty when it comes to logistics, you can expand your DAF MultiSupport package with our Uptime and Connected Services.


Get back on the road faster

DAF MultiSupport Uptime Plus combines optimum vehicle performance with the most comprehensive breakdown service delivered by DAF International Truck Service.

The Uptime Plus promise

  • DAF ITS takes care of your breakdown
  • Fast, reliable, 24/7 assistance from 1,100 DAF dealers
  • Your truck is back on the road within 8 hours
    -Replacement vehicle for up to 10 days when repairs take longer
    -Financial compensation for up to 10 days as an alternative to a replacement vehicle 
uptime plus

Connected Services

Supported by DAF CONNECT

DAF MultiSupport Connected Services allow you to optimise your logistics by providing insight into the performance of your vehicles and drivers. 

  • Maximise uptime through Live Fleet Monitoring
  • Improve efficiency through exception reporting
  • Access real-time information about vehicle condition
  • Align your operations with your R&M contract
Connected Services

DAF service network

Achieve the highest level of efficiency by having your services carried out by the DAF dealer that’s most convenient for you. 

    Experience the advantages for yourself

    • Always a DAF workshop nearby
    • Service when and where you need it
    • Service in the workshop nearest to your operation
    • You can relocate your vehicle within your country without having to adjust your DAF MultiSupport contract
    DAF MultiSupport

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    Frequently asked questions


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    • Who will I be dealing with?
      With a DAF MultiSupport contract, you sign an agreement with DAF Trucks N.V.. It ensures you that at all times a highly qualified DAF dealer is available who will perform the DAF MultiSupport services. Your home dealer will be performing the DAF MultiSupport services, as he knows your vehicles, operation and requirements and can thereby provide your business with the best possible support.
    • With a DAF MultiSupport contract, can I have my maintenance and repairs in all DAF workshops?
      As your DAF MultiSupport contract is with DAF Trucks N.V., you can choose our National Agreement to always have a DAF workshop nearby to perform services when and where you want with maximum flexibility in service planning.
    • Is the tariff for a DAF MultiSupport contract fixed in time?
      You can specify either an index-linked tariff, which is periodically revised, or an inflation protected tariff which will remain the same over the entire contract duration.
    • What if I want to change my contract?
      If you should decide to change your DAF MultiSupport contract, please make sure you notify DAF Trucks, so arrangements can be made to ensure you will benefit from our high quality services and get the most out of your truck. When a DAF MultiSupport contract is revised, the tariff may need to be adjusted.
    • Why should I buy a DAF MultiSupport contract?
      With a DAF MultiSupport contract, you have full financial control at a fixed, pre-agreed price, optimized vehicle performance, maximum vehicle uptime, and an enhanced resale value as you benefit from our flexible offerings.
    • How can DAF MultiSupport enhance the resale value of my truck?
      DAF MultiSupport assures the highest level of service for your vehicles. The value of having maintenance and repairs on your truck, carried out to DAF standards, with usage of genuine DAF parts will not only show through increased vehicle reliability and durability, but will also be reflected in an enhanced resale value. DAF guarantees a higher residual value with DAF MultiSupport.
    • How flexible are the DAF MultiSupport packages?
      Packages are build up out of products that vary per package. You have the option to select additional products; every package has a different range of optional products which you can choose from. With the flexibility in our DAF MultiSupport Services program and the quality of the organization behind it, we are able to offer the best solution for every Customer.
    • What is DAF International Truck Service?
      In case of a breakdown or any other unexpected situation, you can fully rely on DAF International Truck Service (ITS) and the dense DAF service organization throughout the whole of Europe: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The experienced operators offer all the assistance needed to get your truck back on the road with the minimum amount of delay, in ten different languages.