Parts and accessories

Are you looking for parts or accessories for your truck? We have everything you need. We offer a wide range of parts and accessories in various price categories. This page provides further details about the options available to you.

Need parts? 

Genuine parts

DAF Genuine Parts are produced using the latest technology and first-class materials. The parts are specially designed for your DAF truck, so you can rely on them to work perfectly together, and they also come with a DAF full warranty.


DAF Genuine Exchange Parts

Hand in your old part and receive a remanufactured one in its place. In terms of both price and environ-mental sustainability, this is a great alternative to purchasing a new part. Parts are fully tested and the quality is guaranteed to be the same as with new parts.


TRP parts

With TRP, we offer a wide range of parts for all truck and trailer brands, regardless of type or age. A genuine one-stop-shop with a single contact person, a single visit and a single bill. There are over 1,000 sales points throughout Europe.