DAF CF Euro 3-5

DAF CF Euro 5


Built to perform


Regional, national or international transport. Smooth roads or rough terrain. It’s all the same to the Euro 5 DAF CF series, available either as tractor or rigid chassis in two, three or four axle models.


DAF CF Euro 5

Unbeatable driving characteristics

Built to handle the demands of intensive use, this multifunctional chassis is a top performer in every application – from bulk or tank transport to heavy-duty work in the building industry, from garbage collection to general distribution.

The CF Series is characterized by superb driving properties and excellent manoeuvrability. A great deal of attention has been devoted to optimally match chassis design, steering, brakes and suspension. This, together with the high torque characteristics of the engines and comfortable cab design, makes the CF Series a joy to drive under all circumstances.


Comfort and convenience

Such a wide range of applications asks for different cab variants. The CF therefore comes with a choice of three cabs: a Day Cab, a Sleeper Cab and the extra spacious Space Cab, offering an interior height of 2.23 metres. All cab variants combine compact external dimensions with a surprisingly spacious interior and offer easy access, excellent visibility and an ergonomic working environment.

DAF CF Euro 5

The CF cab is clearly designed around the driver 

Once inside the cab, the sense of roominess is evident, accentuated by the large windscreen and side windows.

The intelligent use of space and high-quality materials in warm yet practical colours, creates an ergonomic environment that is both productive and pleasant.


From the fully adjustable air-sprung driver’s seat with integral headrest and optional adjustable lumbar support and seat-belt tensioners, the driver has excellent access to all controls. The seats mould to the body to provide fatigue-reducing support. Extensive seat adjustment, combined with the two way adjustable steering wheel ensures the optimum driving position for drivers of all sizes.


DAF CF Euro 3-5

All PACCAR engines are designed to offer the highest standards of economy, reliability and durability.

DAF CF chassis

The CF chassis is designed to minimize vehicle weight and maximize available space.

DAF CF Euro 5

The CF is available in a wide variety of wheelbases and axle configurations, making the CF suitable for a multitude of applications.