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DAF Miniature Museum

More than worth a visit!


"For me, DAF is really the best brand there is!"


The official DAF museum is of course located in Eindhoven, but a very nice alternative is the DAF Miniature Museum in Doetinchem. Theo Jansen recently opened the doors of his museum to the public and its impressive collection can be admired by everyone.

Theo has been a fan of the DAF brand all his life and has, over the years, collected many great items from the brand. What started with a few miniatures has grown into an impressive collection of more than 800 model cars and other collectables, such as brochures, posters, flags and even framed shirts, all with the DAF logo.

Theo's love for the brand started from an early age. He was also a truck driver himself and always drove a DAF. "For me, DAF is really the best brand there is," says Theo enthusiastically. “It is a real Dutch product. I actually like everything about the brand; the trucks, but also the passenger cars have found a place in the museum. My wife sometimes jokes that I care more about DAF than about her. ”

The attic space really became too small for Theo's collection, so it was time to confiscate a larger room in Theo's residential home in Doetinchem. With that, he also decided to open the doors to the public by appointment.

Do you also want to visit the unique DAF museum of Theo in Doetinchem?
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The entrance fee is € 2. Half of that goes to Kanjerketting.
This charity is committed to seriously ill children and is supported by Theo and his wife.

ProudDAF Theo Jansen