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  • DAF XF awarded ‘Truck of the Year’ in Northern Ireland

    The DAF XF has been named as ‘Truck of the Year’ at Northern Ireland’s premier transport industry event – the Export & Freight Transport & Logistics Awards 2018.

  • Innovative Electric Trucks Demonstrate the Road to the Future

    DAF Trucks at IAA 2018 in Hanover:

    ‘Proud of our heritage, leading today, ready for the future’ is DAF’s overall theme at IAA 2018 - which is being held in Hanover from 20 to 27 September. DAF Trucks is exhibiting its full, industry-leading product and services range, the result of 90 years of heritage in developing innovative transport solutions. DAF is the European market leader in tractors and is number 1 in fuel efficiency, uptime, reliability and driver comfort. DAF’s powertrain leadership is demonstrated by the advanced LF Electric, CF Electric and CF Hybrid Innovation trucks that are on display at Europe’s largest truck exhibition and are a key part of DAF’s vision on future transport.

  • DAF embraces CO<sub>2</sub> declaration

    As a leader in transport efficiency and environmental care, DAF Trucks embraces the European regulation of CO2 declaration for trucks leaving the production line as of January 1, 2019. Ahead of the legal requirement, DAF will start communicating certified CO2 values in the fourth quarter of this year.

  • DAF Trucks at IAA Hanover 2018

    Proud of our Heritage, Leading Today, Ready for the Future

    Proud of our Heritage, Leading Today, Ready for the Future. That is the overall DAF theme at the IAA 2018, which will be held in Hanover, from 20 to 27 September. DAF Trucks will proudly showcase its innovation capabilities throughout its 90 year history, which is illustrated by the classic DAF A1600 from 1967 through to the future DAF CF Electric Innovation truck – both of which will be displayed on the DAF Trucks stand in Hall 17. A prominent position will be taken by DAF’s latest LF, CF and XF ranges, setting the industry benchmark in quality, reliability and fuel efficiency.

  • What is the oldest DAF truck still in operation?

    DAF Trucks is looking for the oldest truck still in transport operation. The search focuses on typical DAF vehicles from past decades that continue to run day-to-day.

  • DAF Truck Configurator: the Best in the Industry

    DAF Trucks has set a new standard in creating the ideal truck online. The new 3D DAF Truck Configurator displays all available axle configurations and cab variants, while at the same time including all possible factory options – all in 3D. The configured truck can be shared directly with the dealer and the bodybuilder, thus reducing lead times and providing maximum efficiency.

  • New DAF CF and XF: Slovenian Truck of the Year 2018

    Editors and readers of the Slovenian truck, transport and maintenance magazines ‘Transport & Logistika’ and ‘Mehanik in Voznik’ have voted the new DAF CF and DAF XF as the ‘Slovenian Truck of the Year 2018’. Both truck series were awarded for their innovative, fuel efficient power trains and their excellent driver comfort.

  • 500 DAF XF Trucks for Girteka Logistics

    The leading European transport company Girteka Logistics has ordered 500 DAF XF trucks for its international FTL operations. “Based on the excellent reliability, safety and fuel efficiency, we decided to add 500 XF trucks to our growing fleet. The majority will be put into operation between July and October 2018”, commented Mindaugas Raila, Chairman of Girteka Logistics. “These new DAF trucks are part of our plan to further expand our business throughout Europe.”

  • DAF XF awarded Polish Truck of the Year 2018

    The new DAF XF has been voted ‘Truck of the Year 2018’ in Poland by readers of the leading transport magazine Polski Traker. The top-of-the-range DAF truck was singled-out for its elegant design, state-of-the-art technology and safety features and its excellent driver comfort.

  • DAF partners with VDL Groep for fully electric CF truck

    DAF Trucks is partnering with VDL to release a first series of CF Electric trucks into operation with leading customers in the course of this year. The vehicles feature state-of-the-art VDL E-Power Technology for zero emissions and ultra-low noise. These field test trucks will be manufactured by DAF and the full electric installation will be completed by VDL Groep, demonstrating the strong cooperation between both companies in the field of electrification of commercial vehicles.