CF and XF Edition 2015


Everything you need to know about the CF and XF 2015 edition

DAF presents an extensive programme of improvements to the popular CF and XF series with efficient MX engines. Improvements that increase performance and make the trucks even more economical, by 5% or more! These improvements deliver low operating costs with the highest possible returns per kilometre. 
And it is not only us that says so!


  • Even lower fuel consumption due to engine enhancements 
  • Increased comfort due to redesigned seats and optional leather package
  • More braking power due to improved MX Engine Brake 
  • Maximum returns thanks to new Low Deck and Silent
  • Better insight for the driver into driving times and driving performance due to improvements in the Driver Performance Assistant (DPA)
  • Extra fuel savings due to new spoilers and fenders
  • Greater payload for various CF and XF variants due to weight savings
  • Timely maintenance scheduling due to standard service indication
  • Even greater fuel efficiency due to Eco Mode and Predictive Cruise Control
  • Less tyre wear and lower costs due to standard tyre pressure measurement


PACCAR MX engines are renowned for their high efficiency. Numerous further refinements mean that they are now even more efficient! The result? Fuel savings of around 2%! Good for the environment and for your returns.


The brake performance of the MX Engine Brake has been further improved. The new MX Engine Brakedelivers 20% more power (for example, 360 kW at 2,000 rpm with the MX-13 engine), making it an excellent alternative to a retarder for the majority of applications. The controls have been redesigned, allowing the driver to operate the system from the steering column in just three steps. This means that braking power can be optimally adapted to the driving conditions. This results in a more comfortable drive whilst reducing brake wear and fuel consumption.


DAF Eco Mode 640

Standard in the new 2015 edition: Eco Mode. This mode reduces the engine torque in the first eleven gears by 10%. This is because most situations will not require full acceleration, though this option is still available at the touch of a button. In day-to-day use, Eco Mode means additional fuel savings of 1%.





New state-of-the-art technologies: Predictive Cruise Control and Predictive Shifting. Advanced GPS technology is used to determine the exact location of the truck and the driving conditions to be expected in the next 1 to 2 kilometres. The systems "think ahead" and anticipate inclines and descents. Within the specified range, Predictive Cruise Control determines the ideal speed and Predictive Shifting the ideal gear. Thanks to Predictive Cruise Control and Predictive Shifting, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 3%, especially when driving on hilly routes. With Mild Cruise Control (MCC), the truck accelerates smoothly back to the set value. This also saves fuel and is much more comfortable for the driver. Scan the QR code to view an animation showing how Predictive Cruise Control works.



DAF developed the unique CF and XF Silent for urban distribution during the evenings and at night. When these vehicles are set to their special "Silent mode", the noise level is less than 72 dB(A). This enables goods to be loaded and unloaded during the evening, at night or in the early morning in areas where noise restrictions apply. The new Silent models are fitted with the powerful and economical 10.8 litre PACCAR MX-11 Euro 6 engine, which is already well-known for its low noise levels.


As well as a spacious cabin and good bunks, seating comfort is essential for a driver. The latest generation of seats are extremely comfortable, with extra lateral support as standard. An attractive, full leather interior is also available for an additional charge, featuring seats, steering wheel and door panels (XF) in a chic coppercolour with red/orange accents. This gives the interior an extra luxurious feel and further increases comfort.


Smart roof spoiler
A new aerodynamic package has been developed for the new CF with Sleeper Cab. This includes a roof spoiler that is 10 centimetres higher and fenders that cover the entire width of 2.55 metres. Specifically for the new XF Super Space Cab Low Deck vehicles with a fifth wheel height of 91 cm, DAF has designed a brand new roof spoiler that is available for trailer heights of up to 4 metres. For optimum aerodynamics with the lowest possible fuel consumption. 


The DAF Driver Performance Assistant (DPA) helps the driver to drive as economically as possible and provides information about fuel consumption, braking behaviour and tyre pressure. Information from the tachograph is also now projected on the central information display in the CF and XF, giving the driver a clearer overview of driving times and speed so as to avoid infringements. The screen also displays when the truck's next service inspection is due, ensuring timely maintenance and maximum vehicle efficiency.

DAF XF Euro 6 Interior instrument panel

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