Hub van Doorne, born on 1 January 1900 in the Dutch village of America, was the eldest son of a blacksmith. In the mid nineteen twenties, Hub van Doorne was foreman in the engineering works of Sjef Mandigers in Eindhoven, where he came into contact with Mr Huenges, the owner-director of the Coolen brewery and ice factory. Mr Huenges had a Stearns-Knight automobile with a sleeve valve engine. Whenever this special engine failed to operate, Hub van Doorne proved to be the only one who could get it going again. Mr Huenges was so impressed by the technical capacities of Hub van Doorne that he offered help in setting up a business for Hub.

On 1 April 1928 Mr Huenges made NLG 10,000 available for the ‘Hub van Doorne, Machinefabriek en Reparatie-inrichting’. It was an engineering workshop, which mostly worked for the canal boats calling at Eindhoven and, of course, for Philips. After a few years the engineering workshop produced its first lightweight trailer. The "van Doorne Aanhanger Fabriek" (in short DAF) was born. 

Together with his brother Wim, Hub laid the foundations of DAF as a leading truck manufacturer.

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