DAF and the environment

DAF Trucks N.V. takes environmental care very seriously. Attention to the environment is a matter of course for all our business activities.


Attention to the environment as a matter of course

Reduction of environmental impact

We are continuously working on further reducing the  environmental impact of our activities. For instance, on our Eindhoven premises water from a nearby canal is used for cooling our production installations instead of high quality drinking water. And in our new state-of-the-art engine testing lab, advanced electrical engine brakes are used. These  generate enough electricity to provide up to 20% of the demand of our factories in Eindhoven. Both the production facilities in The Netherlands and Belgium meet ‘zero waste to landfill’:  no waste is disposed to landfill, but instead it is further processed. 


Minimizing the environmental impact of our products is an integrated part of our development process.  We call this ‘EcoDesign’. Our EcoDesign team introduces ’green’ options during the development of products and components: technical possibilities for minimizing  environmental  impact. EcoDesign also stands for Ecology + Economy. This means that DAF not only looks for solutions that are good for the environment but that also further improve  the efficiency of the truck.


We are striving towards an ever-increasing efficiency of our products, even lower emissions of noise and harmful exhaust gases, reduced maintenance and even better recycling possibilities. This is a never-ending race. We will continue to focus on optimizing our care for the environment even further. Our customers, staff and society are entitled to expect this from us

Environmental Footprint Calculator

Environmental Footprint Calculator

Calculate the environmental footprint of your truck operation.
With the DAF Environmental Footprint Calculator you can easily calculate the environmental impact of your DAF truck. You simply fill in data like vehicle series, engine type, emission level, annual mileage and fuel consumption. The calculator returns with the emissions of CO2, HC, NOx and particulates. The calculator is available for Euro 5, EEV and Euro 6 emission standards. This calculator can also be used for tenders where environmental information is required. The calculator addresses the requirements as stated in the EU directive 2009/33/EC. The calculations are indicative and only valid for the usage phase of the vehicle.

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